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The western movement during the 19th century played a major role in the history of America. 

Here was born the mountain men, cowboys, gunfighters, outlaws, and the
lawmen who tamed a wild country. 

It was a land where a man's honor was in his spoken word and his handshake.

It wasn’t a myth, as some claim it was, it really happened, the "old west" as it is called,

was an historical fact.

But -- does the telling of it have to be in the person of Hopalong Cassidy or Lone Ranger?
Does it have to be written in the "western formula" fashion of the 1940's and 50's where every story is only a rehash of those that have gone before, where only the names and locations are changed?
The same story over and again.

On the other hand

Why can't a novel set in the 19th century American West tell a story about the people of that time, the situations they encounter, and the problems they overcame in a realistic manner?
Why can't such a story fit into the modern categories of Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Crime,
Police Procedural, and Conspiracy?

That is what I do with my novels. Each is a unique story, not a Hollywood rehash.
They plot around mystery, suspense, investigations, lawmen, crooks, private investigators, crimes to be solved, and conspiracies to overcome.
However, unlike most modern novels, the telling is without porn prose and profanity.
Is it possible to tell a good story without those elements?
Hundreds of years of excellent literature proves it is.
If you are a reader who appreciates a good story without those unnecessary
elements you have come to the right place.

A few of my novels as an example:

Virgil Creede involves a crime lord and the investigation to bring him down.
The Turning of Copper Creek where a US Marshal investigates a criminal organization.
Zak Doolin's Gold plunges a young man into a mystery against a murderous woman.
Jury of Six involves crime, conspiracy, and mystery regarding the disappearance of two men.
The Poudre Canyon Saga follows the growth of two brothers' families in the West and the crimes, mysteries, and personal growth amidst their loves, victories, and losses.

Read a couple and you will find out that these are not your typical westerns.


The Yaquina Covenant

Amazon Kindle has accepted my unpublished novel The Yaquina Covenant into their Kindle Scout program.  The program is two-fold.  The Amazon editorial staff will consider publishing the novel under their own imprint based on their editorial considerations. The program also presents the novel to the reading public to judge how well it would be received once published.

This is not a “go fund me” type of program. It is simply a pre-publication presentation to readers seeking out the interest level.

The link to The Yaquina Covenant Kindle Scout page is: 


If The Yaquina Covenant looks like a novel you would like to read click on the “nominate me” button.  If Amazon chooses to publish the novel all readers who nominated it will receive
a free ebook download of the finished novel.

Thank you for taking a look – Dave.

A defunct lumber mill lost to a depressed Oregon economy, its wealthy owner Trent Turnbull, and a handful of aging residents in the remnants of the mill town weave a homespun illusion
of rural innocence.  

Retired Sheriff’s Detective, Brant Warwick moves his family to the Oregon coast. When an old logger tells him of finding his friend dead behind the mill grounds, of clandestine nightly activity, and police investigations halted Brant’s cop blood takes hold.

He begins to dig. The more he digs the more he finds. Brant uncovers a commercial fisherman making late night runs out of Yaquina Bay, along with hints of mob ties and an Asian drug connection linked to Turnbull. The old mill is merely the tip of a hulking iceberg.

Brant calls for help from his brother Mickey, a 30-year DEA veteran with a stellar record. Together the Warwicks uncover a tangled viper’s nest of drug and human trafficking tied to Thai drug lord Kob Sinn, whom Mickey’s team took down in Thailand in the ‘92 breakup of
Asia’s Golden Triangle drug rings.

The game heats up and the stakes turn deadly as the truth and players surface, but Mickey plays his own game with steel nerves. However, even his nerve is shaken when he discovers that one of the two Oregon-based agents assisting him is Kob Sinn’s mole. The problem is – both were on his Thailand team and are his best friends. The question is – which one?


Outdoor Sporting Fiction is back!

If you grew up reading Jack London, Jane and Paul Annixter, and
James Oliver Curwood you know how exciting tales of
outdoor adventure can be.

Beginning with Cold Blows the Tundra Wind,
the outdoor adventure – crime –mystery – suspense novel is back.
Stories fit for young and old to read and enjoy over and again.

Click on ADVENTURE to learn all about this and upcoming novels
written for young outdoor sportsmen and women
and us old timers who grew up reading quality, family friendly books


The second novel in Dave's Outdoor Adventure series

Code of the Bush

Latest Western Release

Spit in the Devil's Eye

Fight or hang. One choice. One chance.

     Betrayed into the soldier’s hands by the British father he despised, Blackfoot half-breed Buck Drake was given one choice in the Fort Bridger stockade. He could either agree to work in a covert unit in the escalating War-Between-The-States or hang as a criminal at the fort. Always one to fight he chose to fight and found himself swept into a life altering journey.

     Having sojourned in the white man’s realm he could never look at his former life the same again. The post-war years found him a warrior, war hero, drifter, Army scout, and convict. A man torn between his two bloods while coming to grips with the rapidly changing west and his place in it.

     Then, the pieces of his future began falling into place the day he is recruited into a manhunt for a criminal gang led by the murderous Jules Drake, the father who had betrayed him.

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October 2015

The Outlaw Hunter

Little did Eli Warren know the day when he showed kindness
toward an orphan that the boy would reshape his future.


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