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  Dave P. Fisher
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The western movement during the 19th century played a huge part in the history of
America.  Here was born the mountain man, cowboys, gunfighters, outlaws, and the
lawmen who tamed them.  It was a land where honor, and right over wrong was held
 to as dearly as a man’s word and his handshake.  It wasn’t a myth, as some claim it
was, it really happened, the old west was an historical fact.

    Dave has successfully captured the people and culture of the era
   with accuracy to detail and its history.  Hours of research, walking
   the very ground where it happened, and his years as a working
   cowboy are all part of his stories. Your senses will live the action in
   every page.


   While you’re at the Double Diamond you will learn why Dave’s stories
   will have you walking in the characters boots
rather than just reading
   a book.  Here are stories to be read aloud to keep you turning the


Dave can also turn a funny cowboy story or poem for his reader's and audiences entertainment. He takes a look at the the nature and humor of his western and cowboy culture and shares it in a spirit of good fun. His "Snake Bit" CD is a series of poems looking at just how a cowboy looks at life from his particular point of view. 

Dave's sense of cowboy humor is also reflected in story form in
The Auction Horse.  The 2013 Will Rogers Medallion Award Winner
  for western humor.
The Auction Horse is a collection of humorous
adventures and mus-adventures of contemporary Nevada ranchers
Jack and Cleve and their assortment of pals.


Click to read Dave's interview with Adventure author Tom Rizzo


Latest Release

The Poudre Canyon Saga continues

Book 5 - Shifting Trails


The Poudre Canyon Saga

Latest in the series

Book 5 - Shifting Trails

Don Sebastian Ruiz is murdered by outlaws leaving his son Pablo patron of the Ruiz hacienda. By failing to leave a will, Don Sebastian has left the fate of the hundred year old Ruiz Grant in legal limbo. Henry and Angelina, along with Jean and Catherine, head for New Mexico to pay their last respects to the Don and help Pablo hunt down his father’s killers.
Meanwhile, gunfighter and hired killer Alex Cassidy rides into Fort Collins and recognizes Jenny from her imprisonment at Madame Min’s in Denver. When she refuses his advances he spreads lies about her past, splitting the town for and against their new school teacher. On learning of the accusations Jeb turns in his deputy’s badge and walks into Larry Pruitt’s whiskey hole to confront his wife’s accuser.
When Henry makes a desperate ride back to the canyon to gather his brothers to help Pablo protect his inheritance, they join together and head for New Mexico. In a bold move against Pablo’s challengers, the men put 1,600 head of Ruiz cattle on the Goodnight Trail bound for the ranches of Ian Pelletier, and Clint Rush.
While the crew fights the herd north, Jean and Henry pit wits against an unscrupulous ex-army Colonel for control of Pablo’s land, and men across Wyoming and Colorado are
talking about the fast gun of Jeb Pelletier.

Poudre Canyon Saga Page


*** The Auction Horse ***
has been selected the

2013 Will Rogers Medallion Award winner
Western Humor


Take, Jack, a crusty old cowboy with a wry sense of humor and pair him up with an optimistic partner, Cleve, who isn't the brightest crayon in the box but always has an idea to make them rich. Put them on a hardscrabble ranch in Winnemucca, Nevada called the Plenty o' Rocks. Mix in a cast of characters from Charlies Bar like trickster Big Billy Bear (the Paiute bouncer), Stubb (who doesn't get out of the hills much), neighbor Slim Johnson (the windbag of three counties) and you have The Auction Horse.

Jack and Cleve Page


tJanuary 2013
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October 2014

Jury of Six

Chapter One of the novel

Jury of Six is a finalist for the 2014 Will Roger's
Medallion Award for Western Novels.

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