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The western movement during the 19th century played a major role in the history of America. 

Here was born the mountain men, cowboys, gunfighters, outlaws, and the
lawmen who tamed a wild country.  It was also a land made up of all manner of people, shopkeepers, bartenders, blacksmith's, teamsters, and the extraordinary women
who held hearth and home together.

It was a land where a man's honor was in his spoken word and his handshake.

It wasn’t a myth, as some claim it was, it really happened, the "Old West" as it is called,

was an historical fact.

But -- does it have to be written in the "western formula" fashion of the 1940's and 50's?
The same story over and again.

Why can't a novel set in the 19th century American West tell a story about the people of that time, the situations they encounter, and the problems they overcome in a realistic manner?
Why can't such a story fit into the modern categories of Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Crime,
Police Procedural, and Conspiracy?

That is what I do with my Western novels. Actually, they can be called 19th Century Historical Fiction of the Westward Movement.  Each is a unique story, historically accurate to the time period, and not the Hollywood version of the 19th century West.
They plot around mystery, suspense, investigations, lawmen, crooks, private investigators,
crimes to be solved, and conspiracies to overcome.

Read a couple and you will find that these are not your typical westerns.

In addition to this, my novels are free from sexual content and profanity.
I have been told by certain editors that these are "necessary" ingredients for today's novels, but I don't accept that, and I see no purpose for their inclusion.
Such content adds nothing to the story, but rather detracts from it.
A good storyteller doesn't need these gimmicks to attract readers, as the readers of my novels who have downloaded literally millions of library pages and thousands of Kindle ebooks, have proven.

Thank you all for reading. I appreciate every one of you.

Thanks to all my readers who have written such positive and glowing
reviews on my Amazon page.
It is your genuine reactions to my novels that is the true test.


All my novels are available through Amazon.com
in Print, Kindle, and Kindle Lending Library.
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News about Dave's upcoming novels

Book 2 - Return to the Jumanes

through Amazon


Book 7 of The Poudre Canyon Saga
will be out in the Spring of 2017

Watch this site for details.

Thank you for reading


     The Poudre Canyon Saga

Latest Release

Book 6 - Moon of the Strong Cold



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for full descriptions and release information

The Poudre Canyon Saga


Ten Men of Courage

New Series

Book 2 - Return to the Jumanes

Ten Men of Courage
Book 1 - Into the Jumanes

click on the cover to go to the Ten Men of Courage Page for details



Historical Westerns

Best Sellers




Outdoor Fiction is Back
with the Northwest Suspense Collection

Contemporary stories of courage and strength.
Set in the rural or wilderness country
of the vast Northwest from Alaska to Montana.
Stories reflective of yesterday's outdoor story masters.

Northwest Suspense Collection

The green forests of the Cascade and Coastal mountains,
the rugged peaks of the Rockies, and the wilds
of Alaska create a backdrop of quiet beauty.
Yet, even in these pristine vistas crime happens.
Families are shaken, lives and livelihoods disrupted
and life as it was is forever changed.
Yet, the strength and perseverance of the people
overcome the difficulties.

Dave's newest line of novels are for young adult and adult readers.
The stories are set in the U.S. Northwest states with a
rural or wilderness setting and involve the people
and families who make their livings from the woods and small towns.

The focus is on families, in particular the young adults in them,
who struggle, win, lose, and find their strength through
the bonds of family and friends.

All novels are available through Amazon.com, Ingram, and Baker Taylor

* * * * *

Latest Northwest Suspense Release

Run Down the Sun

A botched poaching attempt, resulting in the murder of two Glacier National Park rangers, initially points to Earl Talbot as the killer, a reprobate from a Montana family with a 150-year criminal history behind them.

Flathead County Sheriff’s Sergeant Jake Fontaine and Detective Tiger Reagan believe they have an open-and-shut case with Talbot’s arrest until an unidentified bootprint at the murder scene and a stained area on Earl’s blood splattered jeans with DNA belonging to another person makes them question their ‘facts’.

Digging deeper, Jake and Tiger uncover a maze of suspects and seemingly unrelated evidence, but after three more murders their answer becomes clear and culminates with a desperate chase through the rugged Montana mountains to catch the killer before he crosses the border and disappears into the Canadian wilderness forever.


Northwest Suspense Collection Novels




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Every month Dave posts an excerpt from one of his novels.

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April 2017

The Hanging of August Miller

August deals with a troublemaker


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