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The western movement during the 19th century played a major role in the history of America. 

Here was born the mountain men, cowboys, gunfighters, outlaws, and the
lawmen who tamed a wild country. 

It was a land where a man's honor was in his spoken word and his handshake.

It wasn’t a myth, as some claim it was, it really happened, the "old west" as it is called,

was an historical fact.

But -- does the telling of it have to be in the person of Hopalong Cassidy or Lone Ranger?
Does it have to be written in the "western formula" fashion of the 1940's and 50's where every story is only a rehash of those that have gone before, where only the names and locations are changed?
The same story over and again.

On the other hand

Why can't a novel set in the 19th century American West tell a story about the people of that time, the situations they encounter, and the problems they overcame in a realistic manner?
Why can't such a story fit into the modern categories of Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Crime,
Police Procedural, and Conspiracy?

That is what I do with my Western novels. Each is a unique story, not a Hollywood rehash.
They plot around mystery, suspense, investigations, lawmen, crooks, private investigators, crimes to be solved, and conspiracies to overcome.

Read a couple and you will find out that these are not your typical westerns.


The Northwest Suspense Collection novels,
whether in Kindle or print, make
wonderful Christmas gifts for the
young or old outdoorsman on your Christmas list.

Northwest Suspense Collection

The green forests of the Cascade and Coastal mountains,
the rugged peaks of the Rockies, and the wilds
of Alaska create a backdrop of quiet beauty.
Yet, even in these pristine vistas crime happens.
Families are shaken, lives and livelihoods disrupted
and life as it was is forever changed.
Yet, the strength and perseverance of the people
overcome the difficulties.

Dave's newest line of novels are for young adult and adult readers.
The stories are set in the U.S. Northwest states with a
rural or wilderness setting and involve the people
and families who make their livings from the woods and small towns.

The focus is on families, in particular the young adults in them,
who struggle, win, lose, and find their strength through
the bonds of family and friends.

All novels are available through Amazon.com, Ingram, and Baker Taylor

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Latest Northwest Suspense Release

Mark of the Killer

The close knit community of Cougar Bend lay quiet on Idaho’s Clearwater River.

Eighteen-year-old Ty Kavanagh, fights an inner battle of guilt and self-blame for an accidental death he had no control over.

Jep, 19, whose family are the despised corrupt Shuler clan long standing enemies of the Kavanaghs, struggles to break free of the family mold and lift himself up to respectability. Then the murder of a young woman traveling through the area lands squarely on his doorstep.

Le Tueur – The Killer. A rogue big game and horse killing cougar turned man-killer who has defied all attempts to bring his hide down from the mountains. His wanton destruction has touched all in the community, including the Kavanagh and Shuler families. Ross Dubois, the old Nez Perce hunter who named the cougar from his father’s French language, believes the huge Tom is possessed of an evil spirit that only a good spirit can kill. Until that person appears, The Killer will continue to leave his mark of death wherever he silently stalks.

Will the hatred and bad blood between the families keep Ty and Jep from finding that which they have each been
  healing and redemption?  

Will more men fall victim to Le Tueur?
Will the good spirit Ross has been seeking finally arise?
Are Le Tueur's days numbered?


Cold Blows the Tundra Wind

A poaching ring threatens Alaska Master Guide John Forester's livelihood.

Code of the Bush

  Jason Donnelly thought he had left behind the crime family
who tried to kill him.


Latest Western Release

Spit in the Devil's Eye

Fight or hang. One choice. One chance.

     Betrayed into the soldier’s hands by the British father he despised, Blackfoot half-breed Buck Drake was given one choice in the Fort Bridger stockade. He could either agree to work in a covert unit in the escalating War-Between-The-States or hang as a criminal at the fort. Always one to fight he chose to fight and found himself swept into a life altering journey.

     Having sojourned in the white man’s realm he could never look at his former life the same again. The post-war years found him a warrior, war hero, drifter, Army scout, and convict. A man torn between his two bloods while coming to grips with the rapidly changing west and his place in it.

     Then, the pieces of his future began falling into place the day he is recruited into a manhunt for a criminal gang led by the murderous Jules Drake, the father who had betrayed him.

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November 2015

Mark of the Killer

Le Tueur, the killer cougar has expanded his range
and with it the concern for the safety of stock and men.


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