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Author & Western Humorist

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Ten Men of Courage

 Ten Men of Courage

A Trilogy of the post Civil War era of New Mexico and West Texas

The year 1865 finds ten men drifting westward, each looking for a new beginning.

Reconciled brothers Troy and Jason who wore the opposite colors during the war.

Griffin, Confederate sharpshooter, sees no reason to give up his guns to the Yankees.

Brody and Teague, champion prize fighter, and his promoter flee New York.

Ace and Kip going back to West Texas to claim the inheritance denied them.

Drovers Lon and Hap join with Ace and Kip to back them.

Nacio, ex-bandito, torn between his duty and his shame.

Ten men of courage and honor join their skills together
to rid the high plains of the lawless.

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Book 1 - Into the Jumanes

Was it chance, or destiny, that brought ten men together in the wild country of west Texas? Two brothers from Virginia, one wore blue, one gray; a New York prize fighter and his manager; two young cattlemen returning to claim the inheritance they were denied, and the two friends who came to back them; a Confederate sharpshooter, and a Mexican ex-bandito.  All looking for a new start. All wearing their guns and courage for everyone to see.

The Texas high plains of 1865 knew no law. The Army had pulled out for the Civil War leaving the country open to the law of the strongest, and Amidio Vasquez’s band of renegades ruled. No peaceful village or settlement was safe from Vasquez’s raids. Death and fear were left in his wake, while men, women, and children were stolen away to be sold as slaves to unscrupulous mine owners.

Then came the day Vasquez made a fatal mistake. Contracted by ruthless land baron Mat Travers to bring slaves to his Jumanes Mountains stronghold to work his mines, Vasquez filled the order by raiding a Franciscan mission, seizing the friars and orphaned children living there. That was the day ten men, whose only ties to each other was a Code of Honor, decided it was time to put an end to Amidio Vasquez and reclaim
 the high plains from the lawless.


Amazon Best Seller

Book 2 - Return to the Jumanes

The destruction of Matt Travers’ criminal empire, and the freeing of his captives, reverberated up and down the Rio Pecos. The poverty stricken Mexican villagers, who lived in fear of capture and sale to the slavers, were spreading the word about the ‘Ten Men of Courage’ who were fighting and overcoming this evil.

This word spread into Mexico, to the empire of Vidal Castillo, a maniacal and sadistic tyrant. There three of Vidal Castillo’s mercenary jefés plot his death, but too undermanned to carry out their plans,
they enlist the aid of the Ten.

Later, enroute to Santa Fe, more details about Nacio Fuentes emerge and they find that he is not the man they all thought him to be. While in Santa Fe, and unsure of the outcome of the Red River Ranch situation, Ace and Kip file on the land of the Jumanes Valley guaranteeing that they will have a home to return to. Then, a trip to San Antonio by Kip, Teague and Lon, reveals more about Ben Hawkins and the murder of Kip’s father Arthur Nichols, forcing a confrontation with an unexpected outcome.

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